The story of a small island on Gulf of Finland. Talking about hope for the future. Going back few hundred years. When a man from mainland decided to buy an island – Aksi – and to get a woman from the neighbour island – Prangli – to build an empire together. Everything went extremely well. They had lot’s of children and a family if Aksberg created a population on 500m x 2.3km island. But not just a population – a light-headed designers and engineers creative hub. Aksberg family was the one who started a small ship building industry on an island. The man was so determined that even built boats on their family livingroom. The boats were so well done that while doing quick cargo trips to Finland a boat motor company saw the quality and wanted to collaborate. This is the way how first motor boat got to Estonia. They even did some inventioning so creating a motored rocking chair and some furniture for Tallinna Raekoda. But all this changed when the World War II came. Everybody had to leave their homes by order in a day. Meaning leaving everything behind that they have built and starting a new life on neighbour island Prangli or escaping abroad to Finland and Sweden, like part of the Aksberg family did. A brief of history cut with scissors on 1941 and never getting back to the same. Although the Aksberg boat indusry didn’t vanish. His sons continued it in Sweden and it is active til nowadays.


Coming back to nowadays. Personally I try to go on Aksi island every year to see how the nature has grown and feel the ancient air of creativity. Although the island is really small it still has a big variety of nature – a swamp, a lake, sand dunes, forest, rock dunes. All that are living on the island right now are the sheep and cows. Enjoying their free wild life. I remember going to the island few years back when the winter was colder and crossing the ice with an oldschool Jawa motorcycle. The wind was icy but sun warm. The feeling of pure air. With that I wanted to create the early Spring feel also through my collection. Gray days getting lighter, sun coming out slowly and nature textures slowly melting out from a 3 month sleep. The green is fresher than ever, companied by clear but cold shining water.
Life starts again.

Inspiration points:
People leaving Aksi island, only can take what you carry – layered clothes cause you have nothing in your new place.
Boat industry and yachts as colour inspiration – something from todays world, silver + white.
Fish skin- fish has always been a part of people who live near to sea. Fish is from Peipsi lake, prepared in Pärnu, now presented in Tallinn. Leftover fro fish industry – the skin.
Boat sail as it was the main thing to create movement to get from point A to point B.
Abstract curved lines, from the sand meeting water patterns at the beach.
Black and white fish represents the fire that flamed on Aksi island few years back.

Photographer: Arnaud Lefeuillade         Make-Up: Ave Rüütel          Models: Carmen(Icon), Vova(Starsystem).