In 2020 Spring CAROLXOTT had a collaboration with Estonian platform Fashlab. Fashlab as known as Pre O’Porter is a members club to introduce You the rising stars in the fashion.  Each product on their page has been designed by the talented upcoming designer. Fashlab platform is based on pre-ordering and it has no overproduction. Pre ordering is the future of sustainable fashion.

We had a 16 piece collection inspired by life on 20th century Northern-Estonia island Naissaar(Nargö in Swedish). Since the weather is really hectic by the sea, fisherman always needed something to protect them from wind. But since all the hard work was done the clothes were usually quite dirty and this is where the abstract colorisations come from. All these pieces had a pre-order time and after that they were produced ethically in Estonia and EU.

The nature print series on the collection are made from CAROLXOTT designers photos that she has captured through 1 year and made into abstract collages. All you see on prints comes from Estonian nature and contains mainly photos from seaside.

Photographer: Arnaud Lafeuillade       Make-up: Ave Rüütel        Models:Anastasija(EMA), Sander Rajamäe